Rescue a child, Transform a family, Do it again tomorrow...

Cups Of Cold Water Project

Housing for People Of Promise...

Pastor Narcecil Melvil preparing to load up his three wheeler for church.

I saw the hungry and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
I saw those in prison and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
I saw the naked and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
I saw the sick and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
I saw the homeless and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
I saw the lonely and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it...

We are all faced with a choice... we can look at the injustice in this world and wonder why somebody does not do something... or we can decide that we will be the somebody who does. --Mike Williams, Cups Of Cold Water Co-founder

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YOU SEE YOUR GIFTS IN ACTION! Call our office and arrange to visit a Community Center or home that you helped build, or spend a day with a special child and family that you help feed, educate, disciple, and provide clean water for. Come spend an afternoon in the home of one of our missionaries. Come spend a week helping in the
girls or boys program. Visit and be changed... but be careful... you might just fly in for a day... and end up here for life!



Daniel & Judith Solares.  Pastor Daniel,  Judith, and their children come to us from the country of Mexico. They oversee and administrate the entire mission program. They also lead the Boys and Girls programs in Zion Village.

Jan and Elizabeth Tuinier. They come to with their daughter Isabella after years of working with Mercy Ships (Jan as a Captain). They lead the garbage dump ministry and the discipleship program in the very poor village of Paradiso.

Mike & Terica Williams. Mike is the U.S. Director of the ministry and official liaison to supporting churches and family members like you.  Terica provides the administrative skills to keep the mission trips and general programs of the mission on task. They will be your host for all summer mission trips. Contact

Franz and Luc Estrella. Come to us from the Dominican Republic. Luc has been serving the pregnancy center for the past three years and now together, they serve as the directors of the community center ministry in  the very poor village of Valedor.

Guillermo and Carmen.Guillermo and Carmen serve as the Pastor of the CUPS partner church in Villa Paradiso. Guillermo also works with the Basketball Discipleship program.

Tom and Ingrid Jones Tom and Ingrid heard God's call to build a community for families of promise. They became the founders of Ingrid's Village project where the Cups Of Cold Water mission operation is located. Though Tom has recently passed on, we continue to celebrate his life and passion for the mission.

Fabio Jimenez Adames serves as Director of our English language and discipleship class in Villa Emmanuel. Additionally, He is leading the church in Villa Valedor.

Narcecil Melvil (photo left)  is our Haitian Pastor who works directly in the food preparation and preaching ministry at the garbage dump. He also maintains  the mission properties and keeps them looking nice.

Genesis Martinez. Genesis serves as the English teacher for our intensive student leadership program. We have known Genesis for many years as she has served with a local hotel that we use.

Jose Luis. Jose Luis serves as our English teacher in Villa Emmanuel. He also helps teams with translation at the hotel.

YOUR NAME. Does your name need to be here. We are looking for more missionaries who can serve on our team...



Lauryn Eason (Shown in the red CAROLINA T-shirt) from South Carolina, serves here each summer as a mission intern. We are blessed to have her with us.

2015 10 week CUPS Bible Camp Youth Ages 13 - 17  Com Ctr Dom Rep...

Easton Bracey has served us each summer for many years. We are thrilled for young people who are learning to live beyond themselves!