Rescue a child, Transform a family, Do it again tomorrow...

Cups Of Cold Water Project

Where you will stay:

Rio Vista Guest House. It is a wonderful place to stay for up to 20 people. It enjoys 24 hour FREE high speed internet service. www.

Hotel Playa Laguna. It is like staying in luxurious old world Germany. Very personal service.

Sosua By The Sea. A botique hotel in the heart of the city. Located on the beach and all inclusive.

Crossover International Team...

We welcome people of all ages to participate in a hard working mission experience that will change their life. Do you have what it takes?

Pointing like a "rock Star" is not required!

Rooftop photos available at no extra charge...


Standing on rooftops is not an activity that is allowed or sanctioned by the mission. Construction teams do this at their own risk.



Teams and individuals join our work to find out what it is like to be part of a working mission. If you are ready to serve and learn what it means to be a missionary, let's work together. Cups Of Cold Water is a working mission, serving the needs of poor Dominican and Haitian families. We are not a mission trip company. We are not missionaries for hire. Your work here will give you a genuine third-world mission experience. Below you will find a sample of what you can join our missionaries in doing.



Nov 20 - 24 Murren / Thanksgiving @ Garbage Dump (Still room open)

December 13 - 18 Paige F. Trip (Still room open) (RIO VISTA GUEST HOUSE)

Dec 16 - 22 Lauryn Eason Team (Still room open)

December 26 - 31 / Jerry Drace  Team  (Still room open) (RIO VISTA GUEST HOUSE)


January 2 - 7  Open for your team here??? (Still room open) (RIO VISTA GUEST HOUSE)

January 9 -14 Pregnancy Resource Center Leadership team (SOSUA HOTEL)

April 24 - May 3  "Beter Uit" Dutch Team (20 Guests) (SOSUA HOTEL)

June 5 - 10 Crossover/Cups Friends Super Group (Still room open)

June 12 - 17 Crossover/Cups Friends Super Group (Still room open)

June 19 - 24 (Limit 16 people @ Rio Vista Guest House) (Still room open)

June 26 - 1  (Limit 16 people @ Rio Vista Guest House) (Still room open)

July 3 - 8  CUPS Super Group 2 (Still room open)

July 10 - 15  CUPS Super Group 3 (Still room open)

July 17 - 23  (Still room open)

November 21-25 Thanksgiving @ Garbage Dump Trip

December 26 (still room open)


Tuesday arrive Dom Rep / Sort supplies and prep / Orientation / Staff Meet and Greet

Wednesday / Garbage Dump Feeding Program/ Student Camp / House Visitation / Evening Event 

Thursday / Snorkeling  in Ocean / Student Camp / Movie Night in Trafficking Housing complex

Friday / Garbage Dump Feeding Program / Visit Pregnancy Center / Student Camp / Evening Event

Saturday / Children's Camp Valedor  / Orphanage Visitation / Oceanside wrap-up

Sunday / Children's Camp Valedor / Buffet Lunch / Fly home or stay extra day for rest and relaxation

Team Member Requirements for 2018:

*Focus on the project at hand   *Read all material in preparation for the trip

*Learn one scripture in Spanish or Creole  *Walk without health risk

*Willing and Able to share personal faith/life story in 60 seconds

Each Team Member is asked to bring to leave with the mission:

* 12 boxes of crayons and 6 boxes of #2 pencils (wrap in plastic for protection)

* 12 jars of peanut butter and 6 cans of tuna

* 2 bags/containers of peanuts

* 2 bottles of multi-vitamins *2 deflated Basketball or soccer ball

* 1 small plastic Honeywell Fan and cheap extension cord

* Any shoes they can leave with the mission

Team Members should have for themselves:

*1 flashlight and 1 rain plastic poncho

*1 plastic drinking water bottle

*1 can of bug spray / DEET

*1 small Bible / pen / 

BOOTS AND SHOES NEEDED: Most of the time were are high and dry, but on those rare days when it rains... it really rains. Having a pair of boots are very handy for you serving in the dump and villages, and boots are great gift to leave for the people who work at the garbage dump every day. There are many who need shoes here. If you have any that you can leave with us, we appreciate that as well.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: You can bring a guitar or drum set! Guitars are best carried in a gig bag and carry it on the plane. If you can bring an old electric or acoustic guitar (or new one) and leave it here, we have students who would be very happy to own a guitar. We can always use drum sets or single drums.

*1 Wheelchair. No cost to bring a wheelchair with you and you get easy security pass.
*Crafts and snacks for our Bible Camps programs and one program at the orphanage.

Our CUPS staff will teach the SUMMER PROGRAM lessons in Spanish and you will be provided with the topic and the verse to prepare your Bible School crafts, games, or skits. Your team will provide testimonies (via a translator) and songs in Spanish if you choose.  At each session members of your team will be asked to share a portion of your testimony as it relates to the people you are speaking with. A class will be taught to you on how to do that with a translator early in the week. Your team will also provide the activity time of fun and games with the children. (Non-Summer teams will have specific list provided)

You can see that we do not write in a lot of "FREE TIME" because we believe it is better to work hard and never be bored! You can come a day early or stay a day late for, exploring,  zip line adventures, or enjoy an additional day snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean water. We will keep you very busy during our part of your mission trip. We are running a working mission, our daily work must go on regardless of whether there is a team here or not. We are not a mission trip company that creates non-sustaining mission scenarios for vacation-aries. This is a working mission and our daily life. Request your dates early!

All trips will be scheduled by contacting Your dates cannot be confirmed until your groups non-refundable deposit is received. Unused deposits will be used for the dump feeding ministry.  Dress code for visiting missionaries is T-shirts and shorts or pants, and closed tow shoes during the project times. No tank tops or mid-drift shirts for men or women. Ladies will need a dress if a Dominican/Haitian Church visit is added to the schedule. We have to be culturally relevant.

We request that you have at least one adult for every three students under 18 years of age. We will be working in human trafficking areas and areas where a maturity level is needed.
You provide Airline travel from your local airport to Puerta Plata, Dom. Rep. American Airlines, United,  Jet Blu all fly in. Delta and American also connect through Santiago, Dom Rep (STI).  It is cheaper to fly into Santiago (STI) and hire a bus to bring your team to Sosua for a total cost to your team of $200. the lower cost  more than covers it.  Travel to Santiago usually saves you thousands in total on air travel and many really enjoy the ride through the Dominican Countryside.

Please note that the costs are based on a 15 person team. Please work to secure 15 people so the mission does not loose money on the transportation cost per person / per truck.

Your cost is $124.00 per overnight stay in hotel.
Cost shown represents the daily rental of a transport vehicle for your team from a reputable supplier and a skilled driver, cost of supplies for daily projects, dump feeding food supplies, rice and beans for distribution, a safe clean hotel type environment, Spanish speaking translators as needed, quality U.S. style food, and unlimited clean drinking water for daily use. Any additional funds are used to support the building of houses for Dominican families and providing programs for our girls program. Your mission trip is helping build the kingdom. Your cost can be reduced depending upon the hotel. Your additional cost is the $10 tourist tax charged as you enter the country, and your airfare.

Dress Code:

Let's speak with our heart and our kindness, not our curves. *No plunging shirts *No short-shorts * No Sleeveless shirts  You will be working. Wear clothing that you can work in modestly.  If for modesty, you have to clutch your neckline every time you bend over for modesty... don't wear it! And for the record, long pants mean less bugs! This is why the missionaries wear them...

Packing Suggestions:
Pack your clothing in your backpack and a roll-a-board, so if your bags are lost you still have your clothing! Place all toiletries and liquids in your under the plane baggage. In this 50 pound limit under the plane bag you will also place all supplies you are bringing for the trip. Pack light and have your clothes washed by a local half way through your trip (10$). Use your baggage space with Christian stewardship in mind.

Additional Help for the Poor: Leftover luggage space  bring anything that could be a blessing to the Haitian and Dominican People. Additional items form the list above, or just fill your bag with extra tennis or work shoes. Additional coloring books and crayons are always welcome. Be a good steward and never bring a potential 50 pound bag half empty. Anything is of value to the poor people here. We need wheelchairs, canes, and crutches. Go through security quicker and help a medical clinic.

Health Risk: The U.S. CDC suggest that everyone traveling to some parts of South Florida, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico take Malaria medication. Thus we fully support their recommendation! We are required to mention it. Many of our in country missionaries do not take the medication but we must recommend it. Consult your own Doctor. We do have the ZIKA virus here as well. Like the flu, It only effects pregnant women, or those becoming pregnant within the following month of suffering from the virus. If you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant during or within 60 days after your mission trip, please contact our office to discuss protective measures.

Passport Needed! Any participant should be able to walk up two flight of stairs and the distance of two blocks in the heat without health concerns.

Internet Availability: Your hotel accommodations will offer internet services for a small weekly fee. Your US phone may work in the Dominican but the cost will be very expensive. If you are staying at the Rio Vista Guest House internet will be provided for free.

You are going to have a great time. You will leave with new vision and excitement for how God can use you anywhere in the world. Our visitors tend to come back year after year. You will get the opportunity to interact with both Haitian and Dominican Cultures. We will provide interpreters. We are here to help your trip. This is your groups program! We are helping you at your request.

Our visiting trip mission statement: We are here to help your leadership facilitate the best mission trip you ever experienced. You will participate in holy sweat! You will work hard and go home tired. You will be exposed to parts of the world, places, and situations that you have never been in before. You will love it, and leave refreshed. Come ready to start the first day.

Deposit Required: Your team should submit a $100 per person non-refundable hotel date deposit for the dates they wish to come by January 30, 2016. This deposit will secure the hotel for the trip. The remainder of the cost (based on the amount of nights at hotel) will be due (in cash) upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. Anyone coming on any trip should be aware of the dangers involved in traveling in a non-US destination. You must take responsibility for your own travel insurance (available through your airline) and be responsible for your own well being. Do not participate in any activity you feel is dangerous. The mission or mission staff cannot be responsible for your safety or travel. Your invitation to participate at this mission and others is based on your own waiver of any liability to the missions and its associated people. Your deposit is non-refundable as we must turn down other people to hold the days for you and pay the hotel deposit. Cancellations within 60 days will need to pay for their entire hotel charges.

ATTENTION MEDICAL ALERT: Please note that traveling to any foreign country is not without risk. You could be injured, hurt, killed, exposed to sickness and decease. There are many risks including vehicle accidents and hurricanes.  Please be aware that anyone visiting the mission will need to sign a recognition of those dangers and a liability release form before coming. Your coming to visit the mission demonstrates an understanding and assumption of all risks and insurance liabilities. Life in a 3rd world situation is never without risk. We will do our best to minimize that risk, but it is ever present and you must fully understand that and be willing to personally assume that risk.

Jesus said, "If any person helps one of these little ones because they are my followers, then that person will truly get his reward. That person will get his reward even if he only gave my follower a cup of cold water." -- Matthew 10:42. This is why our team is known as The Cups Of Cold Water Project. Thanks for reading it all.