Every summer brings 10  weeks of intensive summer Bible Camp has been fabulous. Teams from all over the U.S. have joined our team for a tremendous time of ministry to each other. We work with 300 children in the younger class and 150 in the older class. We also have a class for mothers and their young babies.

Working with the poor you realize how different it is from working in the states. These children are ready to hear an old fashioned flannel graph story. These kids will sing for hours with great motions if we adults can keep up. Their hearts are so tender. There is great need.

This year we saw many hearts of our older teens broken before God and each other. We dealt with tough issues facing our teens. I wish your teens could have been with us. We had one young lady who dealt with the loss of her father. Our teams were able to help her greatly in needs of the heart and the family.

All in all it has been a summer worth the time it took to make happen. If you want to be part of something that is working well.. join our team. We need some good 12-24-365 partners like you to make this happen on a greater level. Will you join us?



9-3 Pregnancy Center

10-12 Reading Club Zion

10-12 Boys Life Valedor

10-12 Boys Life Paradiso

2 - 5 Sewing Program Zion

2-4 Boys Life Valedor

1-3 Boys Life Paradiso


10 - 12 Literacy For Girls Zion

10-12 Boys Life Paradiso

1-3 Boys Life Paradiso

2 - 5 Sewing Zion

5 - 7 Boys Club Zion


9-3 Pregnancy Center

2 - 5 Sewing Zion

6 - 8 English Language Zion


10 - 12 Literacy For Girls Zion

10-12 Boys Life Paradiso

1-3 Boys Life Paradio

2 - 5 Sewing Zion


9-3 Pregnancy Center

9 - 11 Sewing Zion

10-12 Boys Life Valedor

8 - 12 Garbage Dump Feeding

5 - 7 Boys Club Zion

6 - 8 English Language Zion


9 - 12 Sewing Program Zion

9-12 Boys and Girls Club Valedor

9-12 Boys and Girls Club Paradiso

2 - 5 Sewing Program Zion

10 - 12 Boys Program Zion

6 - 8 Youth Event Zion


9 - 12 Cups Church*

Non-standard scheduled events: Movie Nights, Community Outreaches, additional dump feedings, personal counseling.

Boys working in the Sosua Dump. Your support helps us feed these boys. Thank you.

Every Cups Of Cold Water project is based on the teaching of Jesus throughout the Gospels, and backed up in multiple areas of the Bible. Who better to teach us how to ride connected to the Father than Jesus himself? Through His words we were assigned some specific areas to work.

In Matthew 10:42 Jesus explained that God would reward us for any kindness shown to others on behalf of His name. He uses the descriptive wording, “even giving a cup of cold water” would be rewarded. Thus we provide a nutritional program for those living at the city dump. These are mainly the Haitian earthquake refugees who have nothing to go back to. They anxiously await the garbage trucks to arrive for their daily search. We provide cold purified water, peanut butter sandwiches, and hot vitamin enriched soup for these poorest of the poor. Our Haitian speaking minister offers individual spiritual guidance and prayer. Many of these dear people are beautiful believers.

In James 1:27, the half brother of Jesus offered clarity to His teaching in saying that true devotion to God was demonstrated by taking care of the widows and the orphans. Thus we have provided medication, blankets, wheelchairs, and walkers for widows and widowers in need. The Cups team provides a weekly Bible class and supplies food for a local orphanage.

In Matthew 25:37 we find Jesus giving instructions as to the provision of medical needs for the sick. This is why we provide water purification units for families. Along with traditional medical assistance, we provide water filtration systems. Contaminated water is the source of over 70% of the sickness and decease seen in the third world. Purifying a water source brings long term health to a family. We also partner with a medical clinic to provide medical care for our Zion Village community.

Continuing in Matthew 25:37 we find the instruction of Jesus to visit the prisoners. Cups Of Cold Water touches the lives of prisoners through Bible studies, and personal visitation. We have provided blankets and soap to the entire prison population. We are continuously working on programs to help families come together with their incarcerated loved one. We also work with the prison authorities to achieve permission to provide communion services for the inmates.

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus reminds us to welcome the little children into our lives and ministry. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that when we train a child, we are educating them for their adult life. Consider the fact that 80% of those who choose to serve God do so before they are eighteen years of age. So our Cups Of Cold Water educational program teaches children the truth of the Bible. We also offer varied classes in English, Geology, Farming, Sewing, Business Education, and trade related studies to prepare them for life. The education program also includes our girls empowerment program. This program takes young girls who are especially at risk for the massive amounts of human trafficking in our area and equips them to survive and thrive without falling victim.

Let’s add the Matthew 28:19-20 command of Jesus to “Go, baptize, and teach!” We do that. In Matthew 11:5 we are told to make sure that the preaching the good news goes to the poor.  We share the good news of God's love on the streets of with the prostitutes through our street ministry. We have built a movie truck the goes into the poorest communities to present powerful media presentations about the love of God for mankind.

Along with the kindness of God demonstrated through our godly works, our repetitive message is that of “Be reconciled to God through forgiveness of sins by the grace of God.” In addition, we teach everyone to follow the Father's desired plan for their life to achieve the fulness of joy and personal peace while here on earth. We proclaim the promise of liberty to those who are bound in slavery to addictions, abuse, and ignorance. We proclaim the promise of a brand new life for those who will seek and receive it.

Now that you understand the day to day ministry of the Cups Of Cold Water you may feel a kinship to our calling. Good. In fact, great! We all have a choice of what to do with the life we have been given. Where will we serve God by serving others? Where will we use our resources? Cups Of Cold Water is a group of very diverse people who have chosen to be united in our efforts to make a large difference in a community of great need. We place a high regard for passion, service, humility, and integrity. Our projects are designed for long term sustainability. You have just read the axioms our team treasures. What do you think? Would you like to be a part of our team?




CUPS team notes:

Objectives: Rescue children from  trafficking, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, abuse, and transform families through social and biblical discipleship.

Our programs are designed to impact the future of the children through ESL classes, Life Empowerment, Sewing classes, athletic classes, work projects, and Biblical discipleship.

We seek to impact the parents through our relationships to their children. As the children grow, the parents will hopefully be open to hearing our message of life changing truth.

We are not an organized church as normally defined, but rather missionaries who seek to bring about complete life transformation to a community through the work of the Kingdom of God. Our Kingdom directives will be closely defined by the admonition of Jesus in Matt 10 (Cups) 19 (Children) and Matt 25 (Least of these).

We will not alter the good gospel through conformation to un-biblical doctrines of men imposed upon the people by religious institutions. We will present the truth in the purest form we are able to present. Our ability to minister to the children and their families will be built upon our foundational work with the children and families, being the visible Kingdom of God bringing life, kindness, genuine love, forgiveness, and Christ likeness to them.


Cups Of Cold Water Project


We have been asked to bring the Salt and Light to a new community being built at the base of Villa Valador.  This town is considered a place of much illiteracy and crime. There is little education and the town is circled around the cock-fighting ring that brings the bad element to town over and over. We desire to change all that with the good news. Will you help us build the kingdom in Valador? Will you help us take back what the enemy has stolen from these dear children... their future?

Rescue a child, Transform a family, Do it again tomorrow...