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Rescue & Transformation

Dear Friend,

Let me explain the mission project.

Located 90 minutes off the coast of Florida is what appears to be a tropical paradise. At first glance it may look like many other little Caribbean vacation destinations… but this town holds a secret. Families don’t vacation here anymore. Sosua, Dominican Republic has become ground zero for the trafficking of young girls and young boys. In fact the Dominican is ranked #4 in the world for human trafficking.

Because of poverty, lack of education, and spiritual darkness, parents in the impoverished surrounding villages actually encourage their children to seek financial gain through selling their own bodies. Girls and boys, many as young as eight years old are rented to large groups who travel to this sex tourism destination. Can you imagine how you would feel if this life were your life, or the life of your children, or the life of your grandchildren? One cannot see what is going on without thinking that  somebody needs to do something about this.

Well there is some good news… somebody is doing something. The Cups Of Cold Water project is reaching out to the poorest of these children, many who live in the extreme impoverishment of the garbage dump. It is no wonder why the traffickers use this place to find their victims. Here among these poor villages, the Cups Of Cold Water Life Center’s offer an oasis of hope in a desperate place.

The Cups project provides life-skills training programs… giving bright hopeful futures for these young girls and boys. Cups brings a Girls Empowerment program, a Boys Development program, a Garbage Dump Feeding program, a Pastors Training school, a Business School, a Medical Clinic partnership, Family Counseling services, and a special Orphanage ministry. Cups staff work daily with children providing a hope through the Gospel of Christ. The Cups Of Cold Water project is rescuing children, transforming families, and will be here next year to offer hope and education thanks to the wonderful partner-sponsors across the United States.

But… more partners are needed. There are more children in desperate need. These children are relying on the kindness and generosity of people like you to give them their own hope and a future. Will you join the amazing people who believe that the “somebody" who needs to do something - can be them?

CUPS Partners comes in all sizes:

Our Lifeguard Partners provide 79 cents a day, that is 24 dollars a month to provide the primary educational programs, life-skills education, and Biblical education to save lives and give hope and future to these young boys and girls.

University Partners provide 100 dollars a month for our most promising students to attend University.

Development Partners provide 250 dollars a month providing a Pastor-Trainer for a needy community.

Health partners provide a gift of $1500 to sponsor one full month of services given through the Healthy Mother-Baby-PRC program.

Builder Partners provide a one time gift of 5000 dollars to build a concrete block house for an extremely poor family or 10,000 dollars to build a Life Center-Church in a poor village.

Knowing that all of our U.S. staff are volunteers, you can give confidently knowing that 100% of your gift goes directly to the work. Which one will your family choose to partner in?

This is more than an informational letter. This is my personal ask for you to be involved.
Please choose the level at which God has blessed or impassioned you to be involved and click the PayPal link today. Your records will come through an American based church so you will get full tax credit as if giving to a local church.

Please become a Partner with us today. You will receive a monthly newsletter informing you of the progress happening in the villages. You may also friend CupsOfColdWater on Facebook to have daily information coming your way.

Thank you for being a Partner with us,

Mike G. Williams

PS: This note comes with an invitation to visit us on a mission team. please see the TEAMS page to schedule your visit.

Cups Of Cold Water Project

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