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Rescue a child, Transform a family, Do it again tomorrow...
This is our simple mission

Great  Needs. Around the world we see educational and social injustice is rampant. Far too many children are without a good education, proper nutrition, clean water, and opportunity for advancement. Seeing these beautiful children filled with hope and promise left behind breaks our hearts, especially when help from loving Christians around the world is so very close to them. In many places hunger has become the norm. In many places contaminated water is the only water available. In many places social injustice has reduced girls and boys to a lower class of human. Because of this many of them become entrapped by sex industry to support themselves and their family. This may seem isolated to us in North America, but is it happening to over 20 million girls every year around the world. It is happening within the reach of the Christian church, and within the reach of you and me. It is unconscionable to know that it is now 2014 and easily reachable people groups are still without the basics of human dignity.

Great Solutions. The Cups Of Cold Water Project team has decided that this bleak outlook will not be the description for our part of the Dominican Republic. Our missionary team has chosen to take a concentrated approach in the midst of a few poor mountain communities and move outward as more partners and more missionaries join us. To accomplish this task we are utilizing our own Sewing For Souls discipleship program, teaching young girls self-worth, self-esteem, life skills, sewing, cooking, craft making, and providing personal one to one discipleship. Sewing For Souls is a full program of life enrichment program. We are providing discipleship life skills for young boys though our Boy's Life athletic program. We are educating the adult community through English language classes and Family enrichment programs. Through our partnership with HumanKind Water, we are radically improving the health conditions with water purification systems. Through our association with a partnering ministry we are helping provide a Mother-Baby program and a pregnancy center in our community.

There is more. Each week our movie truck brings Christian evangelical films to other remote villages. Our weekly feeding ministry touches the lives of the poorest of  Haitian refugees and poor Dominicans living in sub-human conditions at the city garbage dump. Our Bible College classes are being provided in multiple communities. We have built homes, community centers, educational buildings, and churches. Our Summer street evangelism teams venture out of our villages and are now sharing the love of Jesus with the sex-trafficked girls working the streets of a neighboring tourist town. God's people are delivering a message of transformation! We are providing sustainable christian ministry to a local orphanage.

These are ministries that make our communities different! It is the most sustainable method we have found to touch the lives a large number of children, and their families. With God's help, we have seen a community moved from at-risk to thriving. Our children have smiling faces for a reason! They have hope... they have future.

Great Partners. Your generous partnership touches the lives of hundreds of girls and boys, and their parents. Some of our team generously gives a Dollar-A-Day to become an integral part of the success. Some prefer to make a single donation of any amount to keep the various programs funded. Cups Of Cold Water is a mission where 100% of your gift goes directly to the mission projects in the Dominican Republic. Every dollar of your gift is meaningful, valuable, and used in a life transforming way. Cups Of Cold Water is a sustainable program that is seeing great sustainable success!

Please become a partner with us in the life change of these girls and boys. It is 2014, social and educational injustice should not be happening any more, anywhere. Together we are making a difference here! Join us today. We have chosen PayPal as it is the safest way to support us online.

Please tell me what to do...

Her name is Angelica. I can see her house from my back porch. She is 13 years old. She is pregnant. Her mother has been selling her to a neighbor man since she was only 8. She attended a school, but they didn't know. She attended a church, but they didn't know. It was not until she got pregnant that it was obvious that somehow this little girl had slipped through the cracks. Somehow this little girl had become another victim of human trafficking.

Maybe it was because this type of tragic circumstance goes on every day among the poor. Around the world families use girls all the time to bring in income. Maybe Angelica thought this was normal. She most likely knows other little girls who is having to do the same thing. The Dominican Republic ranks #4 in the world for human sexual trafficking. They don't tell you that on the slick tourism flyers.

Add tragedy to crisis, her school does not allow pregnant girls to attend. Without an education she is even more likely to end up on the street doing what she was forced to do since she was 8. Where is her hope? Where is her future? Where is her dream of a decent life?

It breaks my heart that she was somehow missed. But now we must do something. Can we find her a sponsor? Can we find a school that will take her? Can we get her personal counseling with our team? Can we connect her with a miracle? This girl needs a little extra ministry.

Is this story for real? Well I changed her name to protect her anonymity, but you can fly in and meet her next week if you like.

Our mission statement is still rather simple... Rescue a child, transform a family, and do it again tomorrow. We have no million dollar offices, and all of our staff raise their own funding. Your support goes to touch lives. Is that something you want to be part of?

Please join us,  Mike Williams

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